Katherine’s advice has transformed our family and our lives

After a couple of years of tantrums and screaming matches for days on end, I was beginning to feel defeated and overwhelmed on a daily basis by my two young boys. Then we realised that the behaviour at home was having a negative effect on my eldest at school. I was asked by the school to look into behavioural issues for him.  At this point, I knew something needed to change and Katherine was recommended to me by a couple of mothers at school who had said their houses had been turned around and they now enjoyed family time and spending time with their children – I couldn’t believe this was possible!

I was very sceptical about the cost and sat on Katherine’s details for a couple of months. How could I have got it so wrong as a mother and have failed my children so badly that I needed external help in the house? In the end, I decided something needed to change and made the leap to book in Katherine and have never looked back. I had two long telephone conversations with Katherine before I booked her in, truthfully because I wanted her to talk me out of it.  However, I realised in both conversations that what she was saying was the exact behaviour I was struggling within the house.  After I booked her in I felt relief knowing help was on its way and my gut instinct was reassuring me that I was doing the right thing.  Katherine arrived and within the first hour, she had clocked the issues I was struggling with.  My husband was not on board with Katherine arriving and particularly argumentative on the first night but within twenty-four hours he could see the changes that Katherine’s methods were bringing and was totally on board.

The three days Katherine was with us were tough, emotional and hard work but we both feel it was worth every penny! If we turned back the time we would have done it all over again.  Our household is a much calmer, positive and happier place.  My eldest child is now thriving at school and his teachers can’t believe the turnaround he has made.  My children are much happier, well mannered and have blossomed.  We occasionally have small meltdowns, but when they occur I have the tools I need and I am in complete control and the tantrums last minutes.  Both my husband and I now love being with the children and parenting them which I didn’t believe would ever happen. For anyone considering taking this leap, it is 100% worth every penny.  I had read countless books on raising boys and none of the advice had worked over the years. However, Katherine’s advice on parenting has transformed our family and our lives.  Thank you Katherine it was a pleasure to have you visit and your advice has been completely invaluable.