I’m now a calm mum, in control

We have 2 young children and used to live in a very chaotic household. They both constantly grabbed my attention and we were all jostling for positions of control resulting in a highly inharmonious family life. My daughter, in particular, was concerning me because we often used to shout at each other and I was deeply worried for the future of our relationship and her own path in life.

As soon as Kathrine saw us at home, she was able to identify the key issues. I was over-praising, not being consistent with the boundaries, doing way too much for them, not giving them their own responsibilities and consequences, the list went on! Katherine was extremely effective in showing me how to parent with high expectations, consistency and much more. Both of my children got on board very quickly with the new way our household operates.

They listen to me, respect me, don’t argue or try and negotiate and they are far more relaxed and happy now that they are not constantly trying to control everything around them. I am now a calm mum who is in control and we are all far more connected than we have ever been before. This way of parenting has put me and my daughter on a new path and I have much more confidence that our relationship will remain strong and that she will be able to take responsibility for herself in her own life as she grows older. Katherine’s methodology was just what we needed and I would recommend it for anyone who is feeling out of control wondering where it all went wrong!