Katherine Elizabeth has changed my life

It may sound dramatic but it is no overstatement when I say that Katherine Elizabeth has changed my life. And in turn, the lives of my children.

She does not have a magic wand but what Katherine does is debunk parenting, allow perspective and provides a kind of habit and boundary formula which once you get your head around makes total sense and becomes easier to implement.

She also gave me permission to reclaim my life which has become possible by setting healthy boundaries and this, in turn, has improved my relationship with my children and made me happier which has a knock-on effect.

Our post-Katherine household is a calm, consistent and happy environment. We still have bad moments and afternoons or evenings but they occur much less and we re-set and crack on quickly and do not dwell. Most importantly, Katherine has helped me to believe in myself, raised my confidence in my ability and allowed me to act effectively, safe in the knowledge that ‘I have got this’