Changed our family life beyond words

Katherine has changed our family life beyond words.  After a couple of years of struggling with tantrums and then shouting and rage from our eldest (of four children, she was followed closely by twins, then one more) we felt we had a serious problem on our hands.  Was there something wrong with her?  Had we gone wildly wrong in her early years and brought up a child who hated us?  Hadn’t we given her enough attention having had more children – or had we given her too much attention and ruined her? First-class mummy guilt was riddling me and I was a wreck.  It was heartbreaking not being able to understand why she was acting the way she was and I had many nights in tears worrying about how I had upset our daughter, wondering how we had got to this stage and dreading the daily routine that always ended in a shouting, tearful child (and mummy).

A friend recommended Katherine Elizabeth, saying that she was wonderful and had really turned things around for her and when I read Katherine’s testimonials there was a common theme of her having a huge and positive impact. In our initial telephone consultation, Katherine reassured me that not only was my daughter absolutely fine and that what I was experiencing was common but that my child was undoubtedly bright – an instantly comforting way to approach the situation. Katherine is quite rightly in much demand and it was a couple of months before she could fit me in. In the two weeks running up to her visit, all was calm, and I was ready to back out of what seemed like quite an investment on a leap of faith – but for anyone not quite sure whether having Katherine in your home for three days will help, I can assure you that it is long enough and she is worth every penny.  She is NOT a super nanny and does not discipline the children – we introduced her to them as ‘a friend’ and now warmly refer to her as our ‘parent coach’. She reintroduced balance, order and calm to our family dynamic. Our children have blossomed under their new sense of responsibility and their confidence has sky-rocketed as a result of Katherine’s help in changing small ways in which we parent our children.