Welcome to Katherine Elizabeth

Katherine Elizabeth Personalised Parenting Solutions

Welcome to Katherine Elizabeth Personalised Parenting Solutions. Katherine specialises in creating a calm and relaxed home environment whilst working closely with you and your children.

Katherine’s solutions are tailored to you, your family and your situation.

No two situations are alike meaning Katherine will spend time with you and your children, in your normal routine, which allows Katherine to begin to help!

Katherine studied at the renowned Chiltern Nursery and Training College, and qualified as a childcare practitioner. Katherine then began to work as a nanny in England and Australia, allowing her to continue with her passion before working on parenting solutions.

Katherine explains in her own words why she began helping parents find the right solutions for their situation at home.

“I love working with children but have discovered that my real expertise, and source of job satisfaction, is in identifying for parents the root causes of their child management frustrations and giving them clear, straightforward advice on how to fix them.”

If you think Katherine might be able to help you, please call for a no-obligation chat
on 01625 909209

Alternatively please feel free to email Katherine at advice@www.katherineelizabeth.co.uk