How To Make Homework Time Easier

Make Homework Time Easier

While you understand that it’s important for your child to progress well in their education, homework time can be stressful, time consuming and let’s face it, a bit boring! However, it really doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways you can support your child, making homework time less of a headache-inducing battle for everyone in the family. Try Katherine Elizabeth’s 4 tips to make the process a whole lot easier…

1. Create a dedicated space

Creating the right atmosphere can make a huge difference to homework time. Ask for your child’s input to help create a cosy, creative space to complete their work. This can be a dedicated corner of their bedroom, a desk in the office or even just the kitchen table. Televisions, game consoles and social media can all be distracting so keep any unnecessary gadgets away. When it’s time to settle down and do work, make sure that space is filled with all the equipment they need to study – pens, books, paper, laptop – and ensure the area is free from distractions. Your child will soon begin to associate the space with learning rather than play.

2. Get organised

Homework time will be much easier for you and your child if you create a regular and consistent routine. Put together a schedule so your child can see when their deadlines are and how much they have to do. Ask your child when they would prefer to do work – some children prefer to get it out of the way as soon as they get home from school, whereas other prefer to tackle projects after a snack and some downtime. Ensure that when they come to do their work they have all the educational essentials needed to complete their work.

3. Reward progress

If your child is feeling unmotivated, set up a rewards system that will make homework seem less of a chore. Star charts are a simple and effective method of tracking progress and reinforcing positive results. Offer stars for every project your child finishes on time, and award bonus points for good concentration, hard work or positive feedback from their teacher. When your child reaches a certain number of stars, treat them to a trip to the cinema, a later bedtime or give them a raise in pocket money that week. Remember that rewards are not bribes, so ensure your child understands why school work is important for their education and that they are not simply studying to earn treats!

4. Make it fun!

While homework and fun aren’t often used in the same sentence, there are a number of ways you can make learning time more appealing to children! Children are much more stimulated by visuals so make flashcards, use puzzles or play a brain game to engage them. No one likes to sit for hours on end so make sure you also take regular breaks. For active children get them moving – you could even have a dance break! This will burn off some energy and keep their brain pumping.

If homework time is proving exhausting and you are struggling to cope with tantrums, whining or worse, you are not alone.

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