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From 0-16 Years
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Understanding Your Family’s Needs

Our journey together begins with a free discovery call. This initial conversation is a crucial step that allows us to listen to the concerns and aspirations you have for your family. Whether you’re dealing with behavioural issues, communication breakdowns, or are simply seeking guidance on providing the best environment for your child’s development, this call sets the foundation for how we can support you.

Tailored In-Home Assessments

Following our discovery call, we offer an in-depth home visit that lasts for three days. The purpose of this visit is not just to observe but to become a part of your family’s daily life. This immersion enables us to assess the symptoms of the behavioural issues you’re facing, from children not listening, refusal to go to bed, to sibling jealousy and more. We view these challenges as symptoms of a root cause that, once understood, can be effectively addressed.

Empowering Parents with Tools and Strategies

The core of our parenting and family support service lies in empowering you, the parent. Based on our assessments, we provide bespoke tools and strategies that are not only practical but sustainable. These tools are designed to help you establish and maintain the boundaries and structure your child needs. Our goal is to enable you to be consistent and confident in your parenting, ensuring that the solutions we offer are integrated seamlessly into your daily life.

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Ongoing Support and Guidance

We believe that the journey of parenting is ongoing, and so is our support. After our home visit, we remain available to you through phone, email, or WhatsApp. This means you can reach out to us anytime for advice, reassurance, or further guidance as you implement the strategies we’ve discussed. Our commitment to you is unwavering, with no end date to the support we offer.

Why Choose Katherine Elizabeth for Parenting and Family Support?

Choosing Katherine Elizabeth for parenting and family support means opting for a service that is as unique as your family. Our bespoke approach ensures that the solutions we provide are not just effective but are tailored to the dynamics of your family. We delve deep into understanding the root causes of behavioural issues, offering not just a quick fix but lasting solutions to empower families.


Parenting and family support is a journey that requires compassion, understanding, and tailored strategies. At Katherine Elizabeth, we are dedicated to walking this path with you, providing bespoke solutions that address the root causes of behavioural issues and empower you as a parent. Reach out to us today to begin your journey towards a more harmonious family life.

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The days that Katherine stayed with us were the most eye-opening I have ever had into what real parenting should look like and having her to turn to for constant support and validation (both during her stay and long after) as we embarked on change enabled us to see it through.
Kate, Hackney
Katherine gave me the tools and the confidence to take back the control, reclaim my own time and space and reset the household to a calm space for us all to enjoy.
Lydia, Meonstoke
As a Muslim family, we debated about asking a non-family member to stay and assist with our children...the difference in our children was instant, we cannot put a price on the difference that has been made.
Halima, Walsall

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