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Understanding ADHD and Behaviour

Children with ADHD often exhibit behaviours that can be perplexing and strenuous for parents to manage. These can include impulsivity, hyperactivity, and difficulty following directions. While these traits are characteristic of the ADHD diagnosis, they often manifest alongside or are exacerbated by learned behaviours.

The Importance of Firm Boundaries

Like all children, those with ADHD benefit significantly from clear and consistent boundaries. Firm boundaries help create a sense of security and predictability, which can greatly alleviate the common stresses experienced by children with ADHD. Establishing these boundaries is not about being overly strict; rather, it’s about providing a consistent framework within which children can explore and learn safely.

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Tailored ADHD Parent Coaching

Our approach to ADHD parent coaching involves working directly with families to develop tailored behaviour management strategies. Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or you are in the process of seeking an assessment, our coaches are equipped to support you. We focus on understanding each child’s specific needs and crafting approaches that align with their unique circumstances.

Resolving Learned Behaviours

A significant aspect of our coaching is helping parents identify and modify learned behaviours that may be contributing to challenges at home. Through targeted strategies, parents learn to redirect potential conflicts and encourage positive behaviours, enhancing the child’s ability to engage and succeed in various settings.

The Benefits of ADHD Parenting Support

By choosing to work with a parent coach experienced in ADHD-related challenges, you empower not only your child but also yourself. You’ll gain:

Effective Strategies: Learning to apply techniques that can manage behaviours and maintain focus.

Enhanced Relationships: Improving communication and strengthening the parent-child dynamic.

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Parenting a child with ADHD requires thoughtful support to navigate their world, and so do their parents. With ADHD parenting, you can ensure that your family not only copes but thrives. By establishing firm boundaries, understanding unique behavioural challenges, and applying consistent management techniques, you can provide your child with the stability and support they need to succeed.

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The Importance of Establishing Routines for Children

How does ADHD affect parenting?

Routine and Structure challenges: Parents may struggle to establish and maintain consistent routines and structures because of their child's impulsivity and challenges with organisation.
Managing Behavior: Children with ADHD often exhibit impulsive and hyperactive behavior, which can make it difficult for parents to manage and discipline effectively.
Focus and Attention: Parents may need to find alternative ways to communicate and engage with their child, as children with ADHD may have difficulty paying attention or following instructions.
Emotional Regulation: Children with ADHD may experience intense emotions and mood swings, requiring parents to provide additional support and guidance.
Academic Support: Parents may need to advocate for their child's educational needs and provide additional support with homework and school assignments due to difficulties with focus and paying attention.
Parental Stress: Managing the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD can be stressful and overwhelming, leading to increased parental stress and exhaustion.
Seeking Support: It's essential for parents to seek support from healthcare professionals, parent coaching therapists, and support groups to learn effective parenting strategies to cope with the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD.

What are the 5 c's of ADHD parenting?

The "5 C's" of ADHD parenting refer to a framework developed by Dr. Russell Barkley to guide parents in effectively managing and supporting children with ADHD. They are:

Consistency: Providing consistent routines, rules, and expectations helps children with ADHD understand what is expected of them and reduces confusion and frustration.
Consequences: Clearly defined consequences for both positive and negative behaviors help children with ADHD understand the outcomes of their actions and learn to make better choices.
Contingency Management: Implementing a system of rewards and incentives for desired behaviors encourages and reinforces positive actions in children with ADHD.
Collaboration: Working together with teachers, parent coaches, and other professionals helps parents develop comprehensive strategies and interventions to support their child's needs effectively.
Calming Techniques: Teaching children with ADHD relaxation and self-regulation techniques, such as deep breathing or mindfulness exercises, can help them manage impulsivity and hyperactivity more effectively.

The days that Katherine stayed with us were the most eye-opening I have ever had into what real parenting should look like and having her to turn to for constant support and validation (both during her stay and long after) as we embarked on change enabled us to see it through.
Kate, Hackney
Katherine gave me the tools and the confidence to take back the control, reclaim my own time and space and reset the household to a calm space for us all to enjoy.
Lydia, Meonstoke
As a Muslim family, we debated about asking a non-family member to stay and assist with our children...the difference in our children was instant, we cannot put a price on the difference that has been made.
Halima, Walsall

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