FAQs About my Parenting Solutions

Are you still carrying out visits during Covid19?

If you are happy for me to be in your home, then I am happy to be there.

How long do you spend with each family?

Three days is usually about right.

Where do you tend to stay?

I usually stay with the family during my visit. Occasionally that is not appropriate and I organise local accommodation.

How does it actually work so that you see normal, everyday life?

More often than not, parents will simply tell their children that they have a friend coming to stay. I fit in with that, sitting and chatting or joining in with whatever activities are planned.

I am concerned that we will all act differently with somebody new there and you may not get to see the issues we are facing.

This is a very common concern. I am always aware that, certainly at the beginning of my visit, everyone will be acting slightly differently. However I know exactly what I am looking for and even if everyone is on their best behaviour, I can always spot the issues. It is my job to see what I need to – often the things that parents are missing.

How long does it usually take for you to make a difference?

Firstly, each family is different and there is no ‘usually’. My role is to identify the root causes of your problems and build with you the strategies necessary to tackle them. It is often a case of changing parenting habits which in turn have an effect on children’s habits. For behaviours to change and become embedded for the long term might perhaps take 5-8 weeks. Nonetheless, there is almost always some discernible improvement over the course of my visit. To keep you on track I am at the other end of the phone for as long as you need me.

Can the process still work if I am separated from my partner and they are not on board with having somebody coming in from the outside?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst consistency is important and certainly helpful, it is still possible for me to work with one parent to tackle the issues arising when the children are with them.

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