"Worth every penny!"

"Our house is much calmer"

We were looking for someone to offer us guidance and support with our children who had become very demanding and were showing us a lack of respect.

Although our children weren’t “badly behaved” as such, they were presenting us with behaviours we did not like and weren’t sure how to deal with.

We found Katherine Elizabeth via the internet and following a prompt reply and video call we decided we liked the way Katherine spoke about how we should expect children to behave and why we were where we were. Having had a three-night visit from Katherine our house is much calmer, there is less shouting and we feel that we have the tools to deal with unwanted behaviour as and when it arises.

The cost was a factor for us but having now been through the process it was worth every penny and we wouldn’t hesitate to contact Katherine for any help or advice in the future.

Case Studies

parents sat down with their kids watching TV holding a remote and popcorn

“Katherine’s ongoing aftercare is invaluable”

parent and child suffering from asd and adhd

“We have witnessed a remarkable transformation in Theo”

Happy mother playing with her child

“My child’s emotional and physical meltdowns were wearing me to the ground”

The days that Katherine stayed with us were the most eye-opening I have ever had into what real parenting should look like and having her to turn to for constant support and validation (both during her stay and long after) as we embarked on change enabled us to see it through.
Kate, Hackney
Katherine gave me the tools and the confidence to take back the control, reclaim my own time and space and reset the household to a calm space for us all to enjoy.
Lydia, Meonstoke
As a Muslim family, we debated about asking a non-family member to stay and assist with our children...the difference in our children was instant, we cannot put a price on the difference that has been made.
Halima, Walsall

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