Charlotte put us in control again

"We have regained the control that parents should have."

We had been struggling with our demanding and strong-willed toddler for some time before I first reached out to Katherine. Tantrums, night wakings and picky eating were at the top of the list, but I could go on. With the arrival of our second son things only got worse and I knew things needed to change.

I had tried every method out there and read all the parenting books but was still at a loss.

After reading these testimonials I decided to go for it. However, as time went on things seemed to be improving and I thought why spend the money if it’s going to pass. I went back and forth for a while before finally booking a visit with Charlotte, who was being trained by Katherine so was a more affordable option.

“Night wakings and picky eating are a thing of the past!”

My husband was less than thrilled at the idea of a parenting coach staying in the house, and felt the 10+ daily tantrums were normal and would pass.

After the first day, Charlotte had identified the root cause of the issue and we were given advice there and then on how to move forward.

I was hopeful (but secretly skeptical) that things would improve, but I didn’t think we’d see so much change in such a short space of time. Having a relative stranger in the house did not feel that way at all. Charlotte was so friendly and easy to talk to, I never felt she was judging our parenting, only advising. My husband eventually warmed to her and was also grateful for her help in the end.

I was worried about how things would be once Charlotte left but I stuck with the advice and now a month later our house remains calm and we have regained the control that parents should have.

We are so much happier and I can honestly say this was the best money I have ever spent. Now the tantrums are infrequent and even when they do occur we are able to effectively deal with them. Night wakings and picky eating are a thing of the past. And with Charlotte’s initial help and perseverance our son is now almost toilet trained!

So if any parent reading has any reservations, don’t, just call and take the step to a happier and calmer household where you are in control again.

Case Studies

parents sat down with their kids watching TV holding a remote and popcorn

“Katherine’s ongoing aftercare is invaluable”

parent and child suffering from asd and adhd

“We have witnessed a remarkable transformation in Theo”

Happy mother playing with her child

“My child’s emotional and physical meltdowns were wearing me to the ground”

The days that Katherine stayed with us were the most eye-opening I have ever had into what real parenting should look like and having her to turn to for constant support and validation (both during her stay and long after) as we embarked on change enabled us to see it through.
Kate, Hackney
Katherine gave me the tools and the confidence to take back the control, reclaim my own time and space and reset the household to a calm space for us all to enjoy.
Lydia, Meonstoke
As a Muslim family, we debated about asking a non-family member to stay and assist with our children...the difference in our children was instant, we cannot put a price on the difference that has been made.
Halima, Walsall

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