How to keep your eldest feeling included

Did you know that birth order can have a significant impact on your children’s behaviour, emotions and personality development? Each of your children has a unique place in the family with different experiences and challenges which will shape them as a person. It is important that as a parent you are aware of these differences, […]

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Rewarding Good Behaviour

How To Reward Childs Good Behaviour

Using incentives to encourage good behaviour can be a useful tool in your parenting toolbox. Rewards can be used to help your child learn new habits and motivate them to achieve certain goals. It is believed that children begin to understand the concept of reward around the age of three, however, every child develops differently […]

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Getting Your Children To Settle At Bedtime

Get Your Child To Settle At Bedtime

Do you dread getting your kids to bed each evening? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Sleep related problems such as bad behaviour, poor concentration and frequent waking are all issues that most parents face. The good news is that there are ways that you can deal with it and once your kids new routine […]

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How To Make Homework Time Easier

Make Homework Time Easier

While you understand that it’s important for your child to progress well in their education, homework time can be stressful, time consuming and let’s face it, a bit boring! However, it really doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways you can support your child, making homework time less of a headache-inducing battle […]

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Dealing with Argumentative Children

Hot to Deal with Argumentative Children

An argumentative child can make parenting seem much more challenging. While there are lots of positives associated with a strong willed child who knows what they want, battling with them over even the simplest request can be exhausting and frustrating for any parent. Do you find yourself in conflict with your child over some of […]

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Welcome to Katherine Elizabeth

Katherine Elizabeth Personalised Parenting Solutions

Welcome to Katherine Elizabeth Personalised Parenting Solutions. Katherine specialises in creating a calm and relaxed home environment whilst working closely with you and your children. Katherine’s solutions are tailored to you, your family and your situation. No two situations are alike meaning Katherine will spend time with you and your children, in your normal routine, […]

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